Who we are?

MMA PRO SPORTS is recognized as the gear of champions and endorsed by world champion fighters, instructors, promoters and sanctioning bodies worldwide as the leader and innovator in high impact combat sports. MMA PRO SPORTS equipment is “Engineered for Top Performance”.

If you're searching fight gear for your store or sports centre, you can choose between a large number of suppliers. They all promise to provide you top quality products at competitive prices.

MMA PRO SPORTS Gear, the quality of our uniforms and equipment is really top and our prices are irresistible. In recent years, a growing number of retail businesses, boxing instructors and sports centres have decided to endorse MMA PRO SPORTS purely because of its quality and service.

It's an essential element in boxing, Martial Art and Fitness because in the end it's all about responsible sporting Sportsmen and sportswomen need to take care of their body for optimum performance and to stay healthy. In turn sports centres and stores are required to offer them the best clothing and equipment.

When your client is happy, you're happy. This is where MMA PRO SPORTS comes in. If you order from us we can deliver a complete package for all types of martial arts. Not just clothing and uniforms, but also gloves, protective gear, boxing bags, Fitness Accessories and lots of other products all related to the fascinating world of Martial Arts.

Whether you're looking for the Thai style or MMA PRO SPORTS Gear, the choice is yours. Our products are created by designers with an extensive knowledge of martial arts and tested by Budo practitioners on durability and comfort. We manufacture our gear from our own factories which guarantees quality and keeps prices reasonable as per materials, sizes, durability etc.

If you have special requests? For example, you would like to have our products imprinted with your logo or you have your own design / models of the products ? No problem. Custom made service is important to us, just like innovation. We have new products several times a year.

Our drive is innovation MMA PRO SPORTS integral participation at every level of fight sports has afforded us an unparalleled depth of knowledge and intuition in the field. We have been translating our ring-proven expertise into the engineering of superior equipment and apparel for athletes since 2005. It is this combination of ring experience and technical wisdom that have enabled us to consistently develop cutting edge products. At MMA PRO SPORTS our motto is to “Be Inspired”.

Message of the Owner.